It's a different season...
Are you wondering how to live in your spiritual purpose—
your God-calling—at this stage, on a new page, in an uncertain age of change? Boy, do I have good news for you!

This is Your Gung-Ho! Life

Pour in the boldest brightest blend of God's supernatural life

Stir yourself to action with your talent, energy, gumption and grit

Watch your life soar with the message you were created to carry

The world needs your courage rallying us all to Spirit-filled, end-zone action. You've been wired to Live Proactive with God—he's provided it all—so grab it and let's get going! My mission here is to help you catch yours. There's a new season—Good-God! Change, on its way.

10 Reasons to Take Your Thoughts Captive

# 10 Reason:
Winning in Life

I hate it when I say or do something that makes me feel foolish; when what I'm thinking finally comes out and it is shown to be every bit as dumb as I didn't want it to be. Sooner or later you discover where you fell short, but not before everyone and his brother knows it first.







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